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Additive used in Alumisol to increase the hardness and firmness of the finished Alumisol casting.

    Price: $11.99

    Quick and easy system enables you to pour extremely soft rubber parts. Perfect for lure makers, special effects artists, rapid prototyping, and medical reproductions such as skin, fat, and muscle tissue.

      Price: $15.99

      Allows user to soften Alumisol Soft Plastic to extremely low 00 shore hardness ratings. Great for lure makers looking to make extremely soft plastic baits.

        Price: $6.99

        Alumilite entire line of Flex systems ranging in hardness from soft flexible urethane rubber (20A) for automotive, medical, and gasket applications all the way to very hard durometers (80A) used for industrial rollers, nests, fixtures, and bumpers in a wide variety of industries.

          Price: $43.55-$118.54

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